20 Savvy Tips For Decorating Your Lanai

20 Savvy Tips For Decorating Your Lanai

Whether you live in a place that has paradise-like weather for a good portion of the year or simply want to decorate your home like a tropical resort, you might be lucky enough to have a lanai. If that’s the case, then you’re surely well aware of the fact that it’s the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors and perhaps soak in some sun. You might also be able to take in a dreamy view and spend time either on your own to get a calming break or with loved ones as you entertain. With all of that in mind, you likely want to make your lanai as functional and as stylish as possible. In order to do that, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Miami-based Nicola Fontanella of Argent Design spoke with Mansion Global about how to design a lanai. “I try to ensure that the design of the lanai is coherent with the interior,” she said, adding, “For instance, if the inside of the home is modern, we want to make certain that the furniture and finishes on the lanai are modern as well. Furniture typically includes coffee tables, footstools, end tables, and unique seating — like swing-style seating. I also try to make sure that exquisite, weather-proof cushions are used on lounge chairs and sofas.”

While considering what you want and need to create the ideal outdoor space, be sure to check out the following savvy tips for decorating your lanai.

1. Use light and bright decor

When you live somewhere that boasts sunny skies and glittering water, then you might not want décor that contrasts too much with the oasis-like vibe by being heavy or dark. Instead, embrace the existing ambiance by decorating your lanai with items that are light and bright.

2. Sunken seating section

Although this lanai features typical seating on its surface, it also has another seating section that happens to be sunken into the space. Filled with comfy cushions and plenty of matching throw cushions, it would be hard to resist stepping down into the sunken area and spreading out on the cozy seats.

3. Multiple entertaining areas

If you like to have large parties, then you might also appreciate having multiple areas on your lanai to entertain your guests. In this space, a dining table has been set up with chairs while a second area has seating around a fireplace and television. Further back, stools are positioned by an exterior bar.

4. Lengthy contemporary wood table

Combine your love of sleek contemporary design with a natural touch by opting for a lanai table like this stunning piece. Lengthy enough to comfortably fit a fair share of friends for dinner or drinks, the smooth wood panels create a warm aesthetic while the shiny metal base gives it a modern look.

5. Hanging swing seat

Designer Nicola Fontanella specifically mentioned using a swing for seating while discussing lanai décor possibilities with Mansion Global. An option that will not only provide you will a comfortable place to sit, it will also allow you to sway in the breeze as you spend time relaxing and perhaps daydreaming by the water.

6. Wicker furniture

Wicker furniture is both stylish and durable. Of course, that’s not the only reason to use it on your lanai. It can also withstand the weather and can be left outdoors when not in use. It comes in a wide range of options as well, like the light gray chairs with cushions and glass-top table seen here.

7. Reclaimed wood coffee table

Reclaimed wood can add character to any stylish space on top of functionality when used for furniture. This lanai coffee table uses a large piece of polished reclaimed wood with bold black metal to brace its corners. While barnboard would certainly work, driftwood would look just as good and suit the beachy setting.

8. Wall art

Wall art might be something that you think of as décor that goes inside your home. However, if it’s made to withstand the outdoors, then it can be used on your lanai. Consider finding appropriate pieces like tropical-inspired or floral-shaped items. Metal art has been used on this lanai, which is timeless in more ways than one.

9. Intentionally faded wood accents

This lanai adds a stylish touch that doesn’t compete with the stunning surroundings by using intentionally faded wood. Found on both the floor as well as above where wood beams have been spaced out to let the sunshine through, the light gray material matches the furniture while the white walls keep things bright.

10. String lights

String lights are a fabulous and incredibly easy way to add a charming accent to your lanai. While they look adorable in the daylight, they would be absolutely magical at night. Coming in a wide range of sizes, lengths, and designs, you can also find them in different colors and programmable settings.

11. Decorative wood designs

Wood has been used in various ways to spruce up this lanai. Along with the pristine paneled flooring and low posts around the railing, there’s also a wood strip at the top of the space that has an artistic look. The same can be said for the white wood privacy screen that features an intricately carved pattern.

12. Faux leather furniture

Real leather wouldn’t last long on a lanai due to the intense sun and potential rain. However, you can enjoy the same look and feel with faux leather. This lanai uses the sleek and durable material in a dark shade for lounging furniture that’s been paired with bright purple pillows to match the vibrant trees.

13. Colorful cushions and pillows

If you like the idea of using colorful pillows to brighten up and pull together your lanai, then you can take that inspiration and really run with it. For instance, take a peek at this space that uses plenty of pillows and cushions in bright colors and patterns to give the area a lively contemporary style.

14. Wall of potted plants

Adding plants to your lanai can make the space look even more beautiful than it already is and smell just as good if you opt for fragrant flowers. Beyond that, if you use potted plants and arrange them close together, they can act as a privacy screen.

15. Illuminated floor

While lighting fixtures tend to be installed on the walls or ceiling of a lanai and outdoor lamps can also be used, the residents of this enviable home have decided to go with something a little different. With lighting that comes from beneath the seating area, the glow illuminates the white wood floor softly, beautifully, and effectively.

16. Tiled floor

Wood is undoubtedly a popular choice for lanai flooring, however, tiles are also an ideal way to go. Along with the fact that there are seemingly endless options when it comes to the size, shape, and color of tiles, they can also suit a range of budgets, be simple to install, and are relatively easy to keep clean.

17. Hanging bed

Whether it’s a dreamy day in the sun or a cool evening with sea breezes sweeping in, you might want to spend as much time as possible enjoying your lanai. In that case, you can add a hanging bed. Surely as comfy as it gets, it might end up being your favorite place to take a nap.

18. Custom-fit furniture set

It tends to be incredibly satisfying when something fits perfectly into a specific space. That certainly applies to a set of furniture that has been custom-made to fit a room — or, if you’d rather, a lanai — both size- and style-wise. Although it might cost more than a mass-produced set, it will surely be worth the extra money.

19. Climbing plants

Surround your lanai with lovely natural life by opting for climbing plants. You can choose a single plant or opt for various flowers and vines. The more they grow, the more stunning both the plants and your lanai will look.

20. Nautical light fixture

This antique-like light fixture may remind you of something that you might spot while walking down a seaside pier or during a cruise on a large ship. That’s why you might also adore having something like it on your lanai. Offering the space a nautical vibe, you’ll surely appreciate the captivating shape and gorgeous copper-colored exterior.

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