25 Breakfast Nooks That Are A Perfect Fit For Two

25 Breakfast Nooks That Are A Perfect Fit For Two

Even if you have a formal dining room, having a dining space in your kitchen is something a lot of people enjoy. Not only does it provide a convenient place to eat, but also extra surface space to prepare food or for children to do homework, crafts, etc. (per Custom Home Group).

These small dining spaces are often referred to as breakfast nooks, which Wilson & Dorset say became popular in the 1920s and ’30s. These breakfast nooks can be designed in various ways, among the most popular being L-shaped benches, booths, or small dining tables arranged in a convenient corner or by a window. That being said, there is no right or wrong way to design and arrange a breakfast nook — they should be tailored to your lifestyle needs and decorative preferences. Even small households with just two people can benefit from the added space, storage, and additional decoration provided by breakfast nooks. Keep reading for some great ideas on how to design a breakfast nook perfect for two people.

1. Built-on nook

If you have a cubby or cut out in your kitchen you’re not sure what to do with, turn it into a breakfast nook with built-in benches. Add some cushions on top, and install some storage underneath. This doesn’t have to be large and can be built perfectly for two people.

2. Bistro style

For smaller and narrower spaces, consider making use of vertical space with a bistro or pub-style table. Your barstools can slot right in, providing a great breakfast nook without taking up too much space.

3. U-shaped benches

While L-shaped benches are the most popular for breakfast nooks, a smaller but just as effective option is a U-shaped bench. This can be large enough for two people, but still give them space and room to move.

4. Scenic window nook

5. Kitchenette style

Even the smallest of kitchens or kitchenettes can have at least a two-person breakfast nook. In fact, the table can help provide extra food preparation space.

6. Retro and trendy

With smaller breakfast nooks, you have even more opportunities to have fun design-wise with your space. Opt for chairs and a table with a retro design, pairing it with fun and funky colors like teal and yellow.

7. Booth style

If you have a free corner in your kitchen, build a corner booth breakfast nook. You can add or remove chairs as needed for guests while having a permanent breakfast spot for two in your own kitchen.

8. Sunroom

Breakfast nooks don’t have to stay in your kitchen, though that’s where they tend to be most convenient. If you have a sunroom, consider setting up a small breakfast nook for watching the sun rise while eating your meals. 

9. Space saver

Another great way to use vertical space is with a two-seater, counter-height dining table. Barstools can slide underneath, and the table is conveniently tall enough to act as extra counter space. These tables usually also have additional storage shelves on the side.

10. Industrial chic

Breakfast nooks can further enhance the decorative appeal of a room. For example, choose some chairs and a table with metal or raw wood finishes for an industrial-style kitchen.

11. Breakfast bar

12. Mix and match

There’s no need to keep everything matching at your breakfast nook, especially when it’s only for a couple of people. Have fun mixing and matching your table to your chairs, either complimenting or contrasting one another.

13. Wood theme

Wood is a great material to use in your home, and especially in your kitchen or breakfast nook. It’s a very versatile material; you can either match all the woods to one another or have fun and vary them up a little.

14. Rustic breakfast nooks

For a rustic-style breakfast nook, look for a rustic or vintage table, ideally at an antique mall, thrift store, auction, etc. If you have a smaller table, consider making use of the length of the table by setting the chairs on either long end.

15. Cozy holiday nook

If you like to decorate your home for the holidays, don’t neglect the potential of even the smallest breakfast nooks. Add some faux tree branches or other seasonal, holiday-specific décor to the table, matching it to the rest of your kitchen.

16. Quaint cottage style

Make your kitchen look like a quaint cottage with a breakfast nook, opting for antique wood finishes and topping it off with a vase full of flowers on the table.

17. Modern and trendy

18. Living room breakfast nook

Another great space to put a two-person breakfast nook in is your living room. You can easily see the television, and you can also turn it into a workspace as needed. Plus, it doesn’t take up space in your kitchen.

19. Trendy breakfast bar

A breakfast bar is a great alternative to a breakfast nook and a great way to add decorative appeal and trendiness to your kitchen. A pink and gold theme is always a classy and trendy color combination that looks great in kitchens.

20. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian design lends itself perfectly to breakfast nooks, creating a cozy but simple and productive space for you to gather, eat, work, etc.

21. Wooden chairs and table

Keep your breakfast nook design simple and easy with a matching wood table and chairs. Vary up the setting and décor as needed, whether seasonally or based on your design preferences at the time.

22. Modern bench

Breakfast nook benches tend to look quite traditional, but they can also be very contemporary and modern. Opt for sleek silhouettes, warm wood, and a glass table.

23. Built-in booth

If you have the space, an incredibly unique and fun way to create a breakfast nook in your kitchen is to design a built-in dining booth.

24. Rustic table

Use your breakfast nook to make a statement in your kitchen, like with an eye-catching, rustic wood table. Keep your chairs simple to keep the focus on the table.

25. Traditional breakfast nook

Don’t shy away from keeping things traditional and simple, either. A simple small dining table with a couple of matching chairs is just as effective and appealing as any other breakfast nook and a lot easier to create for yourself.