HGTV Canada Star Sarah Baeumler's Spring Cleaning Advice

HGTV Canada Star Sarah Baeumler’s Spring Cleaning Advice

If you know anything about HGTV Canada star Sarah Baeumler, you know that she loves simplicity. As displayed in both her chic wardrobe and interior design style, she adores all things minimalistic and orderly.

Because of this, Baeumler knows a thing or two about creating a clean and well-organized home, and she’s got some great advice to share. She writes that “there are simple and inexpensive solutions that will refresh the look of any space,” per HGTV. In her words, these tips will give your home a “newfound sense of freshness.” Additionally, she says that these solutions could be extra helpful for those with children or busy schedules, as their homes could quickly fall into disorder.

If you want to create a calming atmosphere, we’ve gathered five of Baeumler’s top spring cleaning tips. Though simple and easy, each of these pieces of advice could transform your home from chaos to order.

Declutter often

Sarah Baeumler’s first piece of advice is simple but very effective: you need to declutter your space often, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. She says, “Brian and I both have very busy schedules and with four kids, our life would be very disorganized if we didn’t get rid of clutter,” per Calgary Herald.

If decluttering your entire home sounds like a daunting task, Baeumler recommends working in one space at a time. In her words, she says to “work your way from room to room to declutter and organize and bring fresh new life to your space for spring.” This will keep you from getting overwhelmed quickly. Practically, the best way to do this is by taking inventory of what is helping your space and what is not. She says, “it is important to take time to evaluate your possessions and let go of the things that may no longer serve a purpose in your home” (via HGTV).

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Focus on your closet

One of the most important places to declutter often is your closet, especially if you love hoarding clothes. However, it can be difficult to part with pieces you’ve held onto for some time. To determine what you’re actually wearing, Sarah Baeumler recommends hanging all your hangers the same way and turning them in the opposite direction once you’ve worn that article of clothing. She says, “when you look at your closet six months [to] eight months down the road, it will be a good way to see what you’re actually wearing, versus what’s just sitting there,” per Calgary Herald.

However, it’s not only essential to declutter your closet; you should also make sure it’s organized. According to Baeumler, “Something as simple as a closet organizer can provide a spot for every article of clothing you own,” per HGTV. The biggest benefit of this is that, as she says, “waking up to a clean and organized closet can help boost productivity and clarity throughout your day.” Knowing exactly where each piece of clothing is stored can help you create a calm atmosphere.

Choose dual-purpose pieces

Another great way to keep clutter to a minimum is by buying items that serve multiple purposes in your space. In an HGTV article, Sarah Baeumler recommends doing this when choosing furniture. She says, “having multipurpose furniture that can double as storage is beneficial for any home, especially for smaller spaces. Nothing makes the space feel larger and more organized than when you have storage that goes unseen by others.” For instance, you could choose a bench with a storage compartment or a coffee table with a drawer.

But this doesn’t only apply to furniture; Baeumler also recommends using dual-purpose decorations. According to Calgary Herald, she says to make sure that items can be used in multiple ways and, “If they can’t be repurposed in another way, or have more than one function, stay away.”

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According to Baeumler, her favorite smaller decorative item is a white vase. This is because, in her words, “I can easily move them about to change things up and add some color with flowers or greenery,” per another article with HGTV. Because a white vase is a simple accessory that can be used in a number of ways, it’s a great item to decorate your home.

Use baskets and storage containers

An easy way to stay organized is by using baskets and storage containers. According to Sarah Baeumler, “it’s important that your purchases work, not just to look pretty but for being functional. That’s why I use a lot of boxes that have removable lids,” per Calgary Herald.

This tip is extremely important in every room. In your kid’s playroom, you could store toys in bins. In the living room or the bedroom, coasters, remotes, blankets, and pillows could be placed in decorative baskets. And another area you could use storage containers is in your home office. According to HGTV, Baeumler believes that pairing open baskets with ones that have lids will allow you to store away any items that don’t match the aesthetic of your office. You should use both closed and open bins because closed ones can be stacked, while open ones make cleanup easy.

Limit items on shelves and tables

Finally, it’s important to regularly declutter your shelving units. According to HuffPost, Sarah Baeumler says that “spring is the perfect time to start fresh. As you make your way through your house clearing off surfaces, only put back the things that you and your family really love.” If something doesn’t bring you or your family joy, you can easily donate it without any regrets. Further, when decluttering a bookcase, Baeumler suggests rearranging your books. “Arrange books, some vertically and some horizontally, in a rhythmic pattern. This will help relieve the monotony of rows and make space for some of your favorite trinkets or accessories.”

You can also change up the look of your side tables or coffee table by removing items and switching out pieces. According to Baeumler in an HGTV article, “Whether you wish to be creative or simple with your tabletop decor, this will definitely help refresh the look of any space.” This is also an effortless way to make your home appear clean and well-designed.

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