The Most Important Place To Use Drain Cleaner That You're Probably Missing

The Most Important Place To Use Drain Cleaner That You’re Probably Missing

Taking care of the home is one of the most time-consuming aspects of being an adult. However, it’s critical to your family’s health and your house’s longevity. One of those cleaning tasks on the list is cleaning the drains. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to keep debris from going down a drain; eventually, it starts to get clogged and drain slower and slower. While this happens in every drain around the house, it’s most often talked about in kitchen sinks, shower drains, and tub drains. These get flooded with food debris, soap scum, pet hair, and almost everything else (via Magnificent Plumbing & Rooter).

Clogged drains can be smelly, messy, and damaging to your home. In the worst cases, clogged drains can cause an overflow of water and spill it into the house. Water damage is dangerous and expensive to repair. This makes it even more important to care for the drains within your home and ensure they don’t get too clogged.

So what are you missing while cleaning all the drains within your home?

Slow flushing toilets

There’s one plumbing feature in your home you’re probably missing when it comes to drain cleaner — the toilet doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves. Often people think you only clean a toilet bowl and unclog it with a plunger. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t aware that you can use drain cleaners, including liquid options in the toilet. To prevent a full-on clog and to wait on resorting to a plunger, you can use a drain cleaner to fix the slow-flushing toilet. Plungers are rough on toilets and can damage them, causing cracks and leaks within the toilet system, so using a drain cleaner and avoiding a plunger is the best option for keeping your toilet working properly.

Using liquid drain cleaners occasionally in your toilet will be fine, but a lot of the harsh cleaners are too abrasive and will likely ruin the pipes within your toilet system. So the best drain cleaners to use on your toilet are the all-natural options you can find all over the internet. According to Drano, harsh chemical cleaners can also be dangerous to use if you often clean your toilet with bleach. The bleach mixed with drain cleaner chemicals can create toxic gasses that could come back into your home. Avoid this harmful effect and stick with the DIY options.

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