Why You Should Always Look For The Bright Yellow Price Tags At IKEA

Why You Should Always Look For The Bright Yellow Price Tags At IKEA

If you need good furniture for cheap, look no further than IKEA. The Swedish furniture store was founded in 1943 (via IKEA) and has only grown exponentially in popularity since, with at least one piece of IKEA furniture or decor found in almost every home around the globe. In fact, the Billy Bookcase has sold over 120 million units since being designed in 1979, averaging out to one being purchased every five seconds (via D Street).

IKEA is heralded for its low prices, the convenience of delivery and assembly, and the one-of-a-kind shopping experience. However, there are lots of secrets that diehard IKEA shoppers have discovered over the years, including the best days to shop, sections with the best deals, and more. If you know what to look for in the vast warehouse, you can save even more money. One thing you should keep your eyes peeled for on your next IKEA trip is the bright yellow sales tags.

Last chance inventory

The bright yellow sales tags in IKEA are eye-catching among the countless aisles of furniture, and that’s entirely intentional. According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, IKEA marks their “last chance” furniture with yellow tags instead of the traditional white. Last chance is exactly what it sounds like — the stock they have of that item is their final stock, and consequently, it’s your last opportunity to purchase it before it’s gone forever.

With an ever-changing, developing, and expanding catalog, IKEA has to make room for new products, and they do this by yellow tagging these last-chance items. These items usually aren’t marked down in price, but if you want to risk it, you can wait a few weeks and look for those items in the “As-is” section, which are usually significantly marked down. If you want to peruse IKEA’s last chance items without making the trek out to your nearest store, you can also browse their last chance inventory online (via IKEA).

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